Thursday, December 29, 2005

going vegetarian

My man is making me go vegetarian for three months starting in January. I used to be a vegetarian in high school and college, so it wont be a huge deal or anything. If it helps the yoga (burping up gyro in the middle of practice is so nast) I'll stick with it. I used to give vegies a hard time and in general always pick on picky eaters, so we'll see how I do on the recieving end of hearing crap.

I can't really grade this.

p.s.-- Jimmy John's vegy sammy is way superior to the meat offerings. It has tons of cheese, and guac, and sprouts. mmm. i get it on wheat.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

Check out the trailer here. So cool! I love the idear of the paralleling the decadence of the 1980's, with Antoinette's in 1780's. Its perfect. I want to hate Sophia ("Daddy, I want to make movies and junk!!"), but she is nepotism at its best.

I love lush period pieces too-- everyone looks pretty, but you just know they stunk to high heaven.

Yay Sophia! A+

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ginger Bread Currency Exchange

Wendy McClure over at Poundy made this. How brilliant.

Taking other people's blog entries and for all intents and purposes, making it your own: C+

Thursday, December 22, 2005


I'm very happy for your success, that said, YOUR WIEGHT IS SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL!!!

pudgy mariah- B+ (again, so excited to she how big she gets)


I love Combos. Who doesn't? But the back of the package reads, "The cheese filled snack of Nascar". Nascar! So trashy! I'm surprised they can actually use "cheese" on the back and not all spelled crazy (i.e cheez, scheeze) , because there's actually cheese in it.

Combos- A+

Aretha vs. Jabba the Hut

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


This has been blogged before, but I have to take a swing at her.
Aretha, its fine if you have to shop at Dress Barn, but child, this is more like Dress Aircraft Hanger. For God's sake put the ham down!!

Aretha's weight problem- B+ (im excited to see how big she gets)

Jim Carrey as cher

A still from Fun with Dick and Jane. God that really makes me giggle. I would like to officially come out as a Jim Carrey fan. I find it fascinating how he tries so frickin' hard to make people laugh.

Jim C- A

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Scandinavian sweetheart Annie for some reason struck a chord with indie-rockers last year. She's like a guilt-free Britney i guess. I just don't get it though. Its like, just admit you like top 40 crap you indie-rockers and get over it.
My iTunes played Chewing Gum which made me think of it.

Indie-rocker's hoity toity attitude against things that are popular- D

Head's up!!

Someone in charge here has made a habit of sending my emails back to me but with the helpful preface "Heads up!!" added. He/She doesn't seem to notice who sent the email in the first place.

Corporate logic #2: C-

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Buddha is Charlie's roommate's cat. This picture doesn't really do it justice, its NASTY. Its like a fur sack of fat with a tiny head on top. It does this really nasty thing where he twitches his skin and rolls of fat and it sends shivvers down my spine. He kind of just sits and stares at you all cock-eyed which is totally disconcerting. And for the love of god buddha, learn how to cover up your poopies!!
You guys might think im being a bit harsh, but you have to meet this cat in person. There's just something unwholesome about him that makes you feel dirty.

Buddha- D+


I love Jimmy John's. I really do. I love the veggie on wheat (im not a vegetarian, i just prefer the mounds of cheese and sprouts and guac to the meat options-- yum!) but hey, its kind of pricey. Like over 5 bucks. Enter subway. For about half that you get a sammy that's on special. Today it was turkey. I loaded it up with extra stuff so it would mask the cheap turkey they use and it was totally yummy. And as an extra bonus, there is no line (there's always a line at Jimmy John's on account of them creating consistently delicious food and subway is kind of nast).

Subway: B-

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

office supplies.. M.I.A

I needed some office supplies today. I'm out of errything. I mean, not even a pen or anything. I leave pens everywhere and run out a lot. So ok. I go to the supply cabinet. Wha? No supplies!! So I asked a friend where the supplies moved to. Apparently, someone in charge made the decision that storing the office supplies costs more money than ordering new (logic being rent per square footage of storage) and threw out all the supplies. So now, in place of the cabinet with the supplies stands an EMPTY cabinet. And now I have to fill out a form to order supplies.

Corporate logic: D-

Monday, December 05, 2005

Mariah's cans

Pink is the New Blog alerted me to something so awsome. Mariah's ass. I mean, sure we all know she's "got back", but Jesus Christ. Her control top pantyhose is only going to take her so far. Something's got to give. Check out these "candid" pictures of the wild, roaming Mariah in her natural habitat...

Fa la la la la .. Oh! I didn't see you there! I'm just trimming the tree! Oops, I dropped this ornament. I'm so clumsy. Oh! my dress fell off!

Oh! Hi! I didn't see you there. Yup, just pumping gas like normal people!! Oh! My pants fell off!

Mariah's ass: A+ (but I really am worried her weight might just spiral out of control)

ANTM marathon on VH1

ANTM marathon on VH1- A++

Thursday, December 01, 2005

woot! we're top ten

(for now)

[update: we're already off the top ten. But yay screenshots!]

Mashup of the week

Hi and welcome to my new segment. Mashup of the Week!! Woo!

Today is the minimalist and grody My Humps vs. Madge's Hung Up. We played this on the last episode of PNSexplosion.
You know that one part in the video where they are doing that ass train? So boge. And Fergie needs to get out of the sun.
Humps Up

Thanks! Phuego

Humps Up- B+
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