Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Know Mama Grape Would Love Cheesy Bites

We ordered these last night while taping the show. They are coated in garlic (butt)er and filled with diarrhea-inducing cheeze.

But they had me at hello. This kind of "Hello":

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Blogger Greg said...

That sculpture makes Lionel Richie look kind of ... well, BLACK.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous dana said...

That looks like a pizza with a bunch of fat toes hanging off of it.

I'm sure it was cheeselicious, but I can't hack the visual.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Emo said...

I've wanted that ever since I saw a commercial for it. Oh, and I think the pizza looks pretty good too.


10:17 PM  
Anonymous pannus said...

ohhhhhh are those anything like "Little Caesar's stuft crust" that is 2die for.

smothered in flavored-oil & salty crumbles, with the grainy,fluffy cheese .. that u can bite & snap off like silly putty so GOOOOOd


10:33 PM  
Anonymous nicole said...

fuck, my dad is hot.

10:42 PM  

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