Sunday, February 04, 2007

This has made its rounds on a ton of blogs....

but lets just watch 'er one mo' time:

Tyty, loved you speach, I really did. It was right up there with your ANTM freakout. But, clearly, this wasn't on behalf of fat women of the world, but more on behalf of you officially looking fierce in your swimsuit, heels, and that really nice wig.

The Paparrazi have an important job in our world-- to catch celebrities during their private moments and make them look ugly and stupid so we can point and laugh at how gross they appear to be. Tyty, you don't want to take that away from us, do you? With the war and all, its all some of us have.

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Blogger paco said...

God she's fat.

And did you see those fake ass turquoise colored contacts?

12:31 PM  
Anonymous licoricepirate said...

she's jizz sadsies that her glory days are overrrr.

her hair is so flat .. & the same color as her skin ... except more grey.

i luv ty-ty, tho.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous bunky said...

she spends 3 hours in makeup, 2 hours in hair and 6 hours buttering her ass so that she can fit into that baithing suit and she calls us shallow ?

fat bitch !

3:14 PM  
Anonymous bloated said...

and u kno she starved herself before the show. :P

i luv how she summoned tearz in under 5 seconds. A++ acting.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous mandy melson! said...


9:14 PM  
Anonymous Richard said...

I agree with Noah, I mean that's why I don't like Noah anymore, cause he got fat... really fat.

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

I bet her baithing suit smells of fried chicken!

9:13 AM  
Blogger Dav.d said...

I am on the cheese diet. If I start to feel hungry I just eat a cube of cheese...

10:11 AM  
Blogger Daily Haiku! said...

Ty Ty isn't fat.

She is feelin' fat for all

those girls who are fat.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Jay said...



7:45 PM  

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