Sunday, September 03, 2006

Who Knew He Cut an Album

Dedicated PNS Explosion listeners would be tickled by this post. About 40-50 episodes back we had a PNS Explosion commentator by the name of Jerry the Jihad who would call into our comment line.

This is not his album cover, but isn't it a stitch that someone else came up with/stole our commentator's identity. I think this Jerry the Jihad is from the 80's band "Devo."

Do you think that this Jerry would blow up Liz Hurley's boat for us? I doubt it. Thanks to Ben W. and Geiger for bringing this album art to our attention.


Anonymous redbackfur said...

I have that album, and yes, we are devo. It is kinda fun.

Of course, how can you not love lyrics such as, "I need-a chick, so suck-a my dick...".

If you smile in just the right way, I can send you PNSBoys an mp3 or 2.

9:22 PM  

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