Thursday, October 13, 2005

1992-- Mario Paint!

Mario Paint was all kinds of fun. When I first got it when I was 15! awe! all gay and young and stuff. I didn't take advantage of all the MP possibilitis for about another 5 years when my friends and I would get drunk and make Mario Paint Porn and cackle. We had a Lay-Z-Boy chair that we called "Napkin Chair" because we would just wipe our hands on it. It was kind of nast. We had a good 30 minutes of a VHS tape of it that we would play for guests. Nothing gets a party revved up like seing a crudely rendered penis cumming onto some big hastily drawn tits. A few years after MP Porn I made a video to Cher's Dark Lady. That was pretty funny too.


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Thank you for your blog today. I liked it.

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