Friday, October 07, 2005

Tiempo para los burgers. 1984

Colecovision. The cool kids had Colecovision. I did not own said console. Draw your own conclusions here.

Colecovision had a really good home version of Burgertime. Burgertime is a game where you run around on platforms and create huge-ass sandwiches. The biggest sandwiches I ever done seen!! Also? There's giant condiments chasing after you. Pickles, sausages, and eggs chase you. Pickles makes sense. And I'm even down with the eggs (I think the British put eggs on their burgers... gotta try that), but sausages? That just seems like too much meat competing. So, yeah, you're making these huge sandwiches and the only weapon you have is pepper bursts which make your enemies sneeze. There's nothing more satisfying than getting an egg/pickle/sausage man to sneeze and making a piece of the sandwich drop from under it. God damn anthropomorphic foodstuffs can go to hell.


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