Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It is time to get BUCKWILD

VH1 is bringing back some of Flava Flav's favorite skanks for "Charm School." Watch as Mo'niq'u'e' "ladyfies" up this rough and tumble crew. It will be like watching Henry Higgins trying to class up Eliza Dolittle.

But instead of putting marbles in their mouths during their enunciation lessons, 'M'o'n'iq'ue' will use big doingers. And you know these gals can recite the Gettysburg address (backwards) with a dick in their mouths. So it is gonna make for some must-see-TV.

Plus, one of my favorite characters on TV is back and that is BUCKWILD (real name: Becky)

She is all ghetto and doesn't care that all the black people are pissed that she is talking in their vernacular and junk. And look at those smoking hot hooters. Her face looks like it has seen the business end of a shotgun, but those tay-tahs will take her far.

Good luck, Buckwild. Good luck.

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Anonymous Kidblinks said...

I can't wait. I really love that crazy ass bitch Hottie.

7:29 AM  

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