Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hey you british bitches,
Devin and I will be in London March 22nd early AM. Our plan is to drop our shite at Victoria (Beckham) station, stuff our maws with fish, chips, and guiness, and see some sights. We are going to some pub near Victoria (Principle) that has karaoke that night and then either a) going to Gatwick at around 1:30AM and taking a nap before our 7 am flight to france or b) find a place to stay and take the Gatwick express in the morning.

If you gals have any suggestions on what you'd do, where you'd stay, or who you'd do, or what you would do to spend one day in your fair city let us know.

Devee and Noee

PS-- I thanked each of you personally, but I want the world to know that you peeps who donated to our Dream Vacashe Fund are teh hotness. Thanks so much! You really did relieve stress for us and we really feel loved and taken care of. Big hugs from us to jews.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are you planning on getting to Gatwick at 1:30am?

Matt In Sydney

3:26 PM  
Blogger Devin said...

we fly out of gatwick at 7:05am on Friday, March 23rd...so I guess we have to either get on the Gatwick Express by 12:30am that morning and then hang out at the airport, or hang out at the THE STAG gay bar near Victoria Beckham Station that is open until 2am, then wander and jump on the first train that morning at 3:30am so that we get there in plent of time to check-in etc.?!?! does that sound right? lol we are so prepared for the London part of our trip, obviously....also, anyone know if it makes a difference if we buy our ticket for the Gatwick Express now or when we get there? Thanks AGAIN so much y'all! Love you lots! ;-)

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Ryan In London said...

Hey Noah and Devin

I live about 7 mins from victoria station, so if you want to use my place to leave your stuff, you're welcome. The stag is pretty awful, but in a good way. its tack-o-rama, but its frequented by guys in their mid 50's generally.

There is a pretty good fish and chip shop close to Victoria station, on wilton road, called seafresh, super cheap but really good. and you can walk from there to buckingham palace and into soho (where the gayz be)

If you let me know where you want to go, i can draw up a map for jews so that you can see it all without having to neogitate the underground much!

my email adress is rginuk .at. hotmail.com

3:55 AM  
Blogger The Carny said...

Hello boys
I lived in Sheffield (a few hours north of London) and I'm a cheap bastard. So whenever I went to London, I would stay at a student housing place called the International Student House. It was like £10 a night or something.
Their site is http://www.ish.org.uk

9:11 AM  

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