Friday, August 08, 2008

Top 10 Reasons why the Idina "Menzies" Menzel Concert Sucked Balls:

10 - House of Blues staff think that they are working security at the White House
9 - Girls can bring in a purse, a tote bag, a thermos of anthrax, and 17 pieces of LV luggage, but boys have ONE LOUSY MURSE, and we're suddenly a security risk.
8 - They charge $5 per person to "check" cameras. Because, you know, bootleg pictures of Idina Menzel go for THOUSANDS on TMZ or
7 - they closed the bar before the show started
6 - Most of her songs sound like they came off the Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack
5 - they closed the bar before the show started
4 - There were about three big screaming queens who knew every word to every song she sang. Everyone else was like "um, sing that song from Wicked with the hydraulic lift". These queens were seriously screaming like it was Madonna, Cher and Liza doing a three way
3 - they closed the bar before the show started
2 - The "security guards" (basically fat guys with walkie talkies) left said walkie talkie volume on high during the "quiet" songs. Really great to hear the "security updates". Douchebags.
1 - they closed the bar before the show started
Anyway, even though they took our cameras, everyone took pictures with their camerphones. I will say that she has a very good voice. But House of Blues is a shithole of a venue.

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Blogger The Carny said...

I agree that House of Blues = Shit Sammie.
I went to a Jason Mraz concert - where his website even ENCOURAGED you to bring cameras and recording devices to spread his fame around - and the HoB security nazis frisked my pockets and found my camera, and made me go all the way back to the car because they didn't "check" cameras for liability. On the way back in, they almost didn't let me in because my friend's car keys (which she had already taken in once in her purse) had a tiny Swiss army knife on it... and I had to throw it away before they'd let me back in. But at least the bar stayed open all during the show in LA.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Miles said...

That was hilarious!

11:02 PM  
Blogger Pugs said...

"Bitter" party of one...Tell us how you really feel.

12:40 PM  

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