Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hi Im Krissy!!

But you can call me Sweet Krissy! hehe!
I'm from KANSAS!
I like butterfly knives, Sandy Duncan, Sandies (the COOKIE!), and ranch Funions!

Care foh some bubb'ly guv'nuh? (WAIT till you hear my fancy accent for the talent competition!)



Anonymous Jay said...

I didn't notice this before, but part of her huge roni is peeking out from behind her right hand.


5:13 PM  
Anonymous Jay said...

btw I love Sandies! Have you tried the ones with the sugary butter pecan drop in the middle? It messes with my blood.

I wish craft stores had googly boob stickers like the googly googly eyes. I would so buy a pack of those and the latest copy of Woman's Day, and give all the housewives jiggly boobs. Deep down they all want to just rip off those chambray bouses and shake their funbags anyways.

5:22 PM  

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