Saturday, February 17, 2007

What Portal of Hell Are These Women From & Why Can't I Take My Thighs Off of Them

Fingerblast Party - 2007

It is a lazy Saturday afternoon and I stumbled upon "The Real Housewives of Orange County." It is in its second season (yeah, it got renewed) on Bravo. And whenever it comes on, I am glued to the TV. Hard.

I would (and do) hate these women with a passion. But I do like glimpsing into their worlds. Some of them work and some of them have big boobs. But they all are trainwrecks. They may be whores but their show is a thousand times more interesting than Todd Oldham's new design show. Make that a gazillion times more interesting.


Anonymous Brian from Boston said...

Patrick was it another one of your invalid Saturdays?

5:09 PM  
Anonymous licoricepirate said...

i dont watch the progrum, but just by looking at them if i had to beeee one .. i wud choose .. Lauri .. even tho she cud probbly bite my face off w/her tori spelling jaw.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

brian - last weekend was one of my invalid weekends. this weekend, not so much. i am going to venture out later tonight.

thank you for asking though.

5:22 PM  
Blogger TrickyToro said...

I love Lyndsay. She's fragile and beautiful and she seems very grounded but why oh why is her ambition to work at Carlton, which used to be great but is now a cheesy mall salon. I cannot believe her parents lost $380 Million dollars, talk about a mind fuck! Incidentally those are pretty accurate pictures of the people in South Orange County. Remember they gave us Nixon and Reagan.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous David said...

"I would (and do) hate these women with a passion."

Even Kim? Come on. She got fake tits for her husband and moved to Chicago so her kid wouldn't get skin cancer. I kind of hearted her.

You should go look for her. I bet she's easy to recognize.

9:39 PM  
Blogger fuckin_travis said...

Tell me about it. I'm totally hooked!

11:19 AM  
Anonymous realty fag said...

Peaches who turned you on to this train wreck?

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

you know who turned me on to it, realty fag.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous Brian from Boston said...

Patrick I hope you didn't take umbrage at my comment about invalid Saturday. I wasn't trying to pick on you! I *adore* the idea of an invalid Saturday sitting in bed doing totally nuffin.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

oh brian, i was not bothered. i was tickled that you know me enough to know that i sometimes have "invalid" weekends. where like teri schiavo -- i don't move.

8:21 AM  

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