Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oh no? Oh yes!

*to Japanese storekeep*
"I'll have um... lets see 3, no 4 Hello Kitty vibrators, I would like lets make it a 6 pack of the used schoolgirl panties, a pack of gum, oh and a boob scarf please."

[via Pink Tentacle by way of TOKYOMANGO]


Anonymous bunky said...

is that whitney houston in the picture on the right ?

"BOBBY look at these boobs bobby ... BOOBAAAAY !!"

2:57 PM  
Blogger petshopboypa said...

I shutter to think what the hand "muff" warmer looks like!!

4:43 PM  
Anonymous licoricepirate said...

japan, you card.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Amy Sedaris said...

Ching Chong.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous rosie o'donnell said...

Ching chong = wrong.

Those scarves = oh so right.

9:40 PM  
Anonymous redbackfur said...

I showed my Boob-Loving-Boss the picture. His first reaction, Hmmm. I wonder if you can fill them with beer."

2:08 PM  
Anonymous jay said...

omg i love pink tentacle so hard!!

did you see the mannequin scarecrow vidjo? sooper creepiez.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous jay said...


8:56 PM  

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