Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Listen up all you Brit hatahs!!

Britney is making a comeback whether you like it or not, ok?! Sure she doesn't wear shoes in public restrooms, is married to a nasty no-good freeloader, hasn't done anything musically in years, can't sing live, has virtually no concept of self hygene, and tends to "scare" "small children", bottle feeds her baby creme fresh, cleans out her "ears" with a bent "paper clip", has chronic pink eye, "smells" "bad", hasn't been "touched" by her "husband" since the Ford Administration (Herold), likes to "muffpunch" her immigrant help, eats old rolos that have been sitting in her couch, likes to screech profanities at the infirmed and elderly, has chronic pink thighs, tends to smell like "craw", buys Rid in bulk, has only one functional philopian tube, shakes her baby, chews tin foil, rips ass and has occasional "accidents", has had a pussy makeover that didn't "take", has chronic pink pie, likes to freebase Benedryl, bathes in sausage gravy, and is marginally retarded. SHE'S COMING BACK SO DONT HATE!


Anonymous licoricepirate said...

omg lolz

6:50 PM  
Blogger Joshua-Myles said...

I take it you like the color pink. 20 bucks and a free beejer if she has a amzing comeback. Most likely we will see her living in a doublewide in the Bayou of Mississippi with six kids, her sister, and a retarded monkey on some Behind the Music special in 2010. Patrick, you have to do something, we maybe losing Noah!!

8:03 PM  
Anonymous kalvin said...

I am so rooting for another Anna Nicole type show. I can't wait to see Britney balloon up to 300 lbs! She just needs to find some sort of strawberry milk and she already has the creepy pet. Maybe all this is saying is that I loves my Britney trashy. Why it wasn't even until slave 4 u (ugh, why would I actually type it like that) that I even began to like her. GO BRITNEY!

11:08 PM  
Blogger Chip said...

OMG Noah...You freakin' kill me. I'm at a loss for words.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Chargenda said...

A comeback. Isn't that like the name of your signature move when you are making love, Noah?

9:05 AM  
Anonymous sandy duncan said...

ba dum ching.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous malcom said...

I love Britney... I love her so much. I can still listen to all of her old CD's and get dowwnnn. So what that her husband is about three quarters downsey and she apparently loves to make a public mockery of her image and reputation. Go back and watch any of her concerts or "live" performances (hello can YOU dance like that..I don't think so). The bitch still has it..I know it...I have faith.. possibly blind faith.. but whatevs... Slave and the Oops performances from the VMA's are fabulous times a million...don't hate kids

2:59 PM  

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