Saturday, March 18, 2006

Amanda Gynes is in a New Movie

It is called "She's The Man." And I hate to admit it, but I would see it in a heartbeat. I love how unconvincing Ms. Bynes looks as a man. I mean I look more convincing as a man... oh wait, I am a man.

Anyhoos, she looks like she is on Prednisone in this photo. And is that Dawn Weiner staring at her?

This movie reminds me of an 80's classic that was a favorite around my home:

It was a pure delight. It is about some girl who can't get the editor position of her high school newspaper because she is a girl. So what is one to do? Change your gender, go to another high school, and become editor there.

Don't we all have this high school experience as well?

Here is the main character as a girl:

I know it is hard to tell the gender of anyone in the 80s, but she is the one with the pretty pink bow in her hair. This was a nice touch. It sets her character up as a real girly-girl. So when she makes the transformation into this:

We are blown away. Eat you heart out, Hilary Swank!

If you have time, go see "She's the Man." If not, rent "Just One of the Guys." It is heaven-sent.

One more photo from "Just One of the Guys" for fun:


Blogger Bruce said...

I for one have seen this movie...well the 80's version, Just one of the Boys. And when I saw previews for that other one, it was the first movie that came to mind. I know it was tacky and all but I really liked Just One of the Boys. I think I may go rent it tonight....Oops, I forgot, I'm going to go see "Guys and Balls"...which by the way is a real movie.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous davispussy said...

Why wasn't that guy who played her/his brother nominated for Supporting Actor? Pure delight. His name I knoweth not.

5:25 PM  
Blogger casey said...

I watched this movie on cinemax all the time. At the end, at hte prom, they rip her shirt open and you see her boobs! CRAZY!

12:33 AM  
Blogger bomitoni said...

i ADORE just one of the guys! when i saw the commercial for this as well, i thought what a rip off!

1:16 AM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

the commercials for "she's the man" claim that it is a take on shakespeare's "twelfth night."

but i see more of "just one of the guys" than shakespeare.

oh well. there are some hot guys in it.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous PJ said...

Um, so the picture of her as a guy reminds me of Uncle Jesse from full know that stamos character...anyone else?

9:52 PM  
Blogger Meme said...

oh my god, at the end when they rip her shirt open and expose her tits, i remember watching it with my family and i was snuggling with my mom with my head on her chest and i got so embarrassed. i think that's why i stopped being a dyke.

2:58 PM  

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