Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My New Tattoo: THE FINALE

Okay, I promise this is it for my damn tattoo. After 13.5 hours, it's finally done. The newest parts are the hummingbird and lilacs on the underside of my arm (ouch!) and a firefly at the top of my shoulder.

I truly appreciate all the suggestions, but there wasn't enough room for:
• Two guys barebacking and felching
• Unicorns
• Penises
• Glitter (the tattoo artist ran out of it)

Here's the before:

And here's the after:


Blogger Emerson said...

I like it all except the colorful gay part.

Kidding, kidding! Lookin' Good, Anders =).


7:55 PM  
Anonymous Queen Liliouquilanilabiaqueefshite said...


Looks good...I guesss...for a tatooed love god...

6:11 PM  

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