Sunday, November 11, 2007


i am so pumped to be able to cunttribute to this blog!

love, licoricepirate
(one of the 3? straight listeners)


Anonymous Piper said...

We don't like your kind round' here...

11:20 AM  
Anonymous crumb bucket said...

Who the hell are jews?

2:22 PM  
Anonymous licorice said...

i slipped thru the cracks

2:48 PM  
Anonymous crumb bucket said...

show us said crack !

2:51 PM  
Anonymous bunky said...

welcome heterosexual female. I accept you and welcome you here, however I cannot condone you're "sinful lifestyle"

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Neka said...

Way to put the cunt in cuntribute. As another hetero lady around these parts I say: yay!

9:23 PM  
Blogger BlueBolt said...

A Vagina! Around these parts? The vag explosion and now this? I suppose we should go ahead and start takin our estrogen pills and have Noah talk about how Devin doesnt "Really" listen to him anymore. Pat can talk about that co-worker who always wears "the prettiest dresses", and Rob can finally admit to the world that Doug beats him when he sasses back. Be proud of those bruises Rob! They make you a Real woman!

I'm going to call in with a question like "Do pink pumps really match my fuschia sweater set?"
Nevermind all that licorice. I love ya.

12:04 AM  
Blogger Robbie said...

Welcome Licorice!

6:28 PM  
Anonymous licorice said...

thanks jews guyys

to the haters..
dont worry; im not gonna post my vulva/fupa/downstairs lips/~PUDENDA~/"what's gone sour"/bearded clam/...

10:07 PM  
Anonymous aleavi said...

hey! i didnt know you were a woman. welcome.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Devin said...

what's gone sour....hehe.....i love jerri blank and now i love YOU!

10:57 AM  

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