Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Mirror Has Two Potty-Mouths

I guess Barbra can't handle hecklers at her concerts. My friend Katie sent me the following:

"After serenading fans with some of her greatest hits, Streisand mocked President Bush. A few dozen people began to heckle her with one manshouting, "What is this, a fund-raiser?" An incensed Streisand shot back, "Why don't you shut the f- - - up. If you can't take a joke, why don't you leave and get your money back."

I am not a fan of the Bush either. But Babs -- peeps paid hundred (some thousands of $$$) to get into your show. Compose yourself, Babs! She hasn't been this uncouth since the time she called Barry Gibb a "cum dumpster" in the 70's.


Blogger Robbie said...

She's fucking Babs.

I think she can tell people to f off all she wants.

She's not exactly my cup of tea - but she's fucking Babs, not Linsay Lo-lo.

And is the fact that she's an outspoken Democrat a shocker to someone who bought tickets to the concert? Its not like they wandered in off the street thinking, "who's this Streisand character"

I say keep up the F bombs babs - you're old - you deserve it.

*plink, plink* TWO CENTS

8:58 AM  
Blogger Noah said...

Not to gang-bang up on you Pat, but that's all kinds of awesome. I bet the crowd went apeshit.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

do you really think Barbra would refund someone's ticket? she's gotta pay for james brolin's plugs.

9:54 AM  

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