Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blast from the Past 2 - Old Posts By Noah

This comes from November:

I have this great idea. Picture it-- Showgirls 2 (... Showgirls Too: the Wreckening??? we'll workshop the title...)

(mmmm... sooo greazy)

Ok, so here's the story. Nomie flees Vegas right? She heads straight to LA to pitch her crazy life story be made into a movie. Now, the instinct here is to go campy, but trust me it will be way better if everyone is deadly serious. Ok, so she's in LA, and convinces MGM top brass to greenlight this puppy (through her feminine wiles of course ... she just fucks the shit out of him in the hollywood hills or something) and then casting begins for her movie, which will be called Showgirls. The cast of the original movie returns and plays themselves (yay! Gina Gershon will have some work!), and she works *ahem* very closely with the engenue who will play Nomi. There will be this ultra hot lezbo scene where Nomi has sex with "Nomi" on set. Nomi becomes more and more jealous of "Nomi's" attention, and decides the day of shooting (which happens to be the most expensive and elaborate scene) she wants to star in her own movie and pushes "Nomi" down a giant marble staircase. They take a gamble and hire Nomi.

my idea for Showgirls 2: A+


Anonymous park place towers said...

I'd do it in THIS NoMi

3:40 PM  

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